• Prolog: this is a true story, everything that happens is correct word for word! when did it happen? mid February 2012. we start with the packing of bags after an overnight event for people with anger issues or who suffer from stress, I accidentally overhear a conversation between 2 girls by the names Daniella and Lenix, it went like this...
  • Daniella: I have something to tell you...
  • Lenix: yes..?
  • Daniella: well... I... watch... Glee... -blushes and shies away slightly-
  • Lenix: wow! I watch Glee too! -the two embrace each other-
  • Epilog: the two spent the rest of the day together, occasionally disappearing to be together in private. I saw them again recently and it was clear that they are still together.
Source: free-rights